Case Studies

Al Jazeera Workplace Transformation Project

Application: SMPTE camera hybrid and fiber optics infrastructure System Integrator: Sony Professional Middle East
Al Jazeera Workplace Transformation Project

Description: The project involved installing and upgrading Al Jazeera facilities to high definition including the installation of new fiber optics network with necessary bandwidth required for archiving and editing functions. Project scope included around 500 terminations of Lemo SMPTE connectors and various studios and interlinking them with existing fiber optics infrastructure in order to provide conductivity between all studios and control center. The single mode fibre used in the SMPTE hybrid cable specification have a very high bandwidth (> which is much greater than what is required for today’s HDTV systems. Any future camera developments can easily be accommodated using this type of fibre, which if multiplexed signals are used has practically limitless bandwidth. The industry standard of connector required for hybrid cable termination is Lemo 3K.93C series. It fully complies with SMPTE, ARIB and EBU standards and provides the following benefits: rugged stainless shell, IP67 rating in mated condition (waterproof), 20,000 matching cycles and high performance F2 contact.
Termination procedure of Lemo connectors is quite complicated and requires various tools and equipment including polishing machine, OTDR device, fiberscope, oven and etc. Usually Lemo cable assemblies and panel connectors are terminated in dedicated laboratories and supplied as a complete solution to a client. Pre-terminated panel connectors come with fiber tails so the client can easily splice it using fusion splicer. However, the end user of AJWT project requested to terminate all Lemo connectors on site and point to point in order to avoid any splices in between. CableTech company designed a special portable fiber termination lab for this project which successfully terminated all SMPTE points.
Another challenge was to interlink fiber network with SMPTE infrastructure. Some studios were "ON AIR" most of the time which meant we had very short windows during the night shifts to test and link fiber leads. The deadline was extremely tight, but with the professionalism of Cabletech’s engineers and great support from Sony, we delivered on time.

Dubai Opera House

Application: Fiber optics infrastructure System Integrator: LSI Projects FZ-LLC

Description: The project involved installing fiber optics connectivity between control rooms and facility panels all around the building. Dubai Opera is a multifunctional complex which is able to host a wide variety of performances and events including theatre, opera, ballet, orchestras, concerts, fashion shows, live entertainment, conferences, galleries and art exhibitions. In Theatre mode, the space is suitable for large-scale drama productions, musicals, ballets, lectures, and conferences, seating up to 2,000 people, depending on configuration.
Fiber optics infrastructure was the only way to provide signal runs between devices considering venue size, audio, video and lightning system requirements. There was around 1,000 fiber points in total required for this project. All facility panels were fixed with Neutrik OpticalCON sockets. This connector is one of the best solutions for fiber sockets in applications with high number of matching cycles. Neutrik OpticalCON sockets come with IP65 rating (weather proof) and automatic sealing cover for maximum dust and dirt protection, lifetime is more than 5000 matching cycles. The main difficulty of the project was to arrange fiber installation accurately without damage interior design, furniture in etc.
The deadline for this project was extremely tight as well; but once again with Cabletech Team's professionalism and the great support of LSI the project was delivered as scheduled.